Vladimír Škoda

Vladimir Skoda

* 1942

"In the work by Vladimír Škoda a recurring thought is the investigation of the myth of the cosmos. The symbolic union of the life of earth, and its places, and the abstraction of the ubiquitous universe.
If in the work of many artists repetition is an often boring characteristic, for Škoda it is never a trivial asset. Interaction is, for him, one of the instruments used to reach the goal to visualize that reality that is beyond the capacity of human sensory perception. This action involves a shift of the objects beyond their physical reality in a virtual, or astral, space, the appearances of which are reproduced by assembling different amounts of metal balls, which spontaneously arrange themselves into geometric shapes, following the laws of chaos, rules and chance.

Vladimír Škoda compares infinite dimensions with the environment around us, forming a cosmos that can fill the whole universe, existing everywhere, be at hand, and at the same time unattainable.

Vladimir Skoda reveals a new visual symbolism, studying the essence and the mutual influence between science and art. His depiction of different and unknown cosmic dimensions offers to our consciousness a different point of departure for the exploration of the relationship between the visible world and an hypothetical one. The art of Škoda in this process creates the rules, trying to restore the potential of historical and scientifical memory transported in an infinite simulated space."

Miroslava Hajek

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