Šimon Brejcha

Simon Brejcha

* 1963

Šimon had his works at the important exhibitions of graphic art all around the world. His prints were chosen many times for the international exhibitions in China, Japan, Poland, Austria, Germany. He also participated in the group exhibitions in the United States, South Africa, Belgium.

Artist's Statement

I don't draw the reality around me. I capture the reality differently. I am interested in the traces of it's texture. They represent all the meanings and stories to me.

I have chosen nature as the main topic of my work. By the nature I mean especially the most ordinary remains of creatures, plants or organisms, which are still around me and which are waiting to be discovered, so they could become a part of my picture. I also choose the simplest unimportant things in my surroundings (such as cotton buds, toothpicks or wires). From all these materials ( of natural or different origin) or their casts I create serial compositions or three-dimensional small sculptures or constructions, which I then press into thick paperboards under high pressure. Then, the paperboards serve as an intaglio print matrix. After that, the original elements are physically present in every print, even though they are not always recognizable and every single element disappears in the entirety or it is uncleared by the printing process. We discover the elements only after a careful and detailed observation. Eventually in my prints we find, what we are often overlook.

See what you don't see.












This is a promo video for Simon Brejcha's exhibition in GASK on september 2016 organized by GASK and Cermak Eisenkraft curated by Richard Drury.
You are kindly invited to vernisage on 17th of september 2016 in GASK Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Bourglinster , Luxembourg ( with Martin Velisek ) / Spaces /
2015 Gallery Professorium, Würzburg, Deutschland / Spaces /
2015 International Print Biennale, Guanlan, China
2015 At the Edge of Images, Hollar Gallery, Prague, CZ
2015 Small Prints Festival, Hollar Gallery, Prague, CZ
2015 New Prints, Hollar Gallery, Prague, CZ  2014 New Prints Summer 2014, IPCNY, New York
2014 7th International Graphic Exhibition- Beograd, Serbia
2013 New Prints, IPCNY, Austin, Texas – USA
2013 FIG, Bilbao, Spain
2013 Stein und Haut, Galerie Am schwarzen Meer, Bremen, Germany (with Barbara Deutschmann )
2011 See what you don´t see, Kunstverein Coburg, Germany (with Barbara Deutschmann )
2010 Buch much, Letohrádek Ostrov, Galerie umění Karlovy Vary
2010 Buch much, Oblastní galerie v Liberci
2009 Mitbewohner (Spolubydlící) atelier Wilke, Bremerhaven, Germany
2007 Nanovetřelci, Galerie Kabinet, Brno
2007 Nanovetřelci, Künstlerhaus Hooksiel, Germany
2007 Schilfernte (Rákosové žně) Künstlerhaus Hooksiel, Germany
2006 Skin so soft, Professorium – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Würzburg, Germany
2005 Skin so soft, Nová síň, Prague
2004 Galerie Pintner, Frankfurt am Main – Hofheim, Germany
2003 De fakto, Prague
2002 Co mi vyprávěla krabí noha…, atelier Wilke, Bremerhaven, Germany
2001 Kulturrathaus Dressden, Germany (together with D. Lang )
2001 Stíny běžící travou…, Galerie U Prstenu, Prague
2000 Dvacet způsobů vnímání…, kostel sv. Štěpána, Bremen, Germany
1999 Vrstvy, Novoměstská radnice, Prague
1997 Obrazy a objekty, Městské muzeum, Karlovy Vary
1997 Dešifrování znaku, atelier Wilke, Bremerhaven, Germany
1996 Andrej Rublev II, Ikonenmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1996 Dešifrování znaku, Výstatní síň České spořitelny, Prague
1996 Histolýza, Galerie Pecka, Prague
1994 Téma: Rublev, Výstavní síň České spořitelny, Prague
1986 Undergroundová výstava v soukromém bytě, Zlatá Královna, Karlovy Vary
1983 Undergroundová výstava, pohostinství Na Vysoké, Karlovy Vary
1983 Picturale Est, Strassburg, France
1996 Bienále české grafiky, Ostrava
1994 Trienále tisku, Osaka, Japan
1994 Trienále evropské avantgardní grafiky, Prague


2016 The Print of the Year 2015, Price criticisms, Prague
2015 Hollar Foudation Price
2014 The Print of the Year 2013, Prague, The main prize in the category D, Author Book for the book "Stories"
2013 The Print of the Year 2012, Prague, honorable mention for graphic sheet Exodus
2012 nomination Fig Price Bilbao, Spain
2011 The Print of the Year 2011, Prague, honorable mention for graphic sheet "Roj"
2011 The Print of the Year 2010, Prague, The main prize in the category A for graphic sheet "Chaos"
2007 The honor student exhibition, Künstlerhaus Hooksiel, Germany
2005 The Print of the Year 2005, honorable mention for graphic sheet "Diatomy"
1999 Grant of Prague 2 for Culture to organize exhibition "Layers"
1996 Edition Prints - Hartmann Verpackung, two sheets of Series "Characters" and a limited portfolio of copyright books from the same series
1994 Price criticisms Triennial European avant-garde graphics for print "Earl Grey Tea"


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